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Location:Air Temple Island
"Is this an all-vegetarian island? Is that where you train airbending? Do we have to wear Air Acolyte clothes? Do we each get our own sky bison? And final question, how many trees are on this island?"

"Yes, yes, no, no, 10,552."

Ikki has a nearly-constant grin, a snub nose, an encyclopedic knowledge of Air Temple Island's tree population, and enough energy to power a large set of wind turbines, which unfortunately (?) nobody has invented yet. She's a seven year old girl, dressed in the typical red/saffron outfit of a young airbender, though she wears bangs (and oxhorn-style buns) rather than a shaved forehead. She is unusually light on her feet, even when they're actually on the ground.

Ikki is from The Legend of Korra, and is the property of Nickelodeon or something. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. THE AVATAR DOES NOT BELIEVE IN CAPITALISM.

To get in touch with me, leave a comment at this post.

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accurate travel time estimation, air temple island, airbending, airscooters, being the leaf, counting trees, dessert, fashion advice, fire ferrets, heteronormative hairstyle policing, paisho, polarbear dogs, rainbows and sunsets, sky bison, totally meditating
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